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Public Service Commissioner, 1st City Court Clerk among several races critical to New Orleans area voters 

While the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance does not officially endorse any political candidates, GNOHA releases the #PutHousingFirst Candidate Scorecard as an indicator of a candidate’s concern, or lack thereof, regarding affordable housing. We need politicians that prioritize safe, affordable, healthy housing for all of Louisiana. Our candidate scorecard shows which candidates are advocating for our communities and will #PutHousingFirst.  

We’re in the midst of evictions and sky-high utility bills and still haven’t recovered from Hurricanes Ida or Katrina. To that end, there are many races on the November 8th ballot that are critical to the lives of New Orleanians. For example, the race for Public Service Commissioner has a direct impact on New Orleanians’ economic livelihood. In that race you have an incumbent who has been in office 18 years and has failed so spectacularly that it demonstrates the need for this kind of accountability. Additionally, the report card shows there are policy makers currently in office who have demonstrated that they do put housing first. Those such incumbents have community support around housing and understand that the overall state of housing means there is more to be done. These are the kinds of policy makers that we want to see more of. Those who don’t serve the people should be replaced by candidates who are ready and willing to step up for the needs of the people and put housing first. The people have made it clear that failure and excuses are no longer acceptable. They want and deserve leaders who are ready and able to put housing first. In almost every race there is a clear choice on who will do better.


We encourage voters to consider the #PutHousingFirst Candidate Scorecard as they go to the polls for the Tuesday, November 8th Open Primary/Congressional Election, and during early voting which runs Tuesday, October 25th – Tuesday, November 1st.



In 2017, the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA) developed the first #PutHousingFirst Platform outlining the needs for New Orleans residents along with public policy recommendations to meet those needs. #PutHousingFirst released their first Candidate Scorecards that same year for both the municipal election and general election in New Orleans.

#PutHousingFirst continued to provide voters with Candidate Scorecards in the 2018 election for Congressional District 93 Representative. For the November 2018 election, #PutHousingFirst began including ballot initiative analyses into their scorecards to breakdown how constitutional amendments or propositions impact affordable housing development. These efforts carried on into the 2019 election and accompanying Parishwide Propositions and continue with every election where housing is on the ballot.

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