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Upcoming Elections - Fall 2021

We sent #PutHousingFirst Platform Questionnaires to over sixty candidates running in eleven races for  State Representative of District 102; New Orleans Sheriff; New Orleans Assessor; New Orleans Mayor Councilmembers-At-Large for Divisions 1 and 2; and City Council for New Orleans’ five districts. We had a 62.5% response rate and interviewed 35 candidates across all races, which is the highest engagement we’ve had since first establishing our Candidate Scorecard process in 2017.


What do our grades mean?

Our finalized grades are calculated based on the responses we received from our questionnaires as well as an interview score given to each candidate. Final grades are not an endorsement. Rather, our scorecard is meant to inform voters of where candidates stand on affordable housing issues.

Candidates who submitted completed questionnaires but did not participate in an interview could not surpass a maximum of a 71% C based on their questionnaire responses. Candidates who failed to respond or complete their questionnaires received a 0% F.

Incumbents who completed their questionnaires and interviews were also held to a review of how their time in office either promoted or hindered the preservation and production of affordable housing in Orleans Parish.

All percentage grades and questionnaire responses can be found here.


You can also review our analysis of Assessor Williams' questionnaire responses here.



In 2017, the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA) developed the first #PutHousingFirst Platform outlining the needs for New Orleans residents along with public policy recommendations to meet those needs. #PutHousingFirst released their first Candidate Scorecards that same year for both the municipal election and general election in New Orleans.

#PutHousingFirst continued to provide voters with Candidate Scorecards in the 2018 election for Congressional District 93 Representative. For the November 2018 election, #PutHousingFirst began including ballot initiative analyses into their scorecards to breakdown how constitutional amendments or propositions impact affordable housing development. These efforts carried on into the 2019 election and accompanying Parishwide Propositions.

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