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We’re fighting back against corporate greed w/our voices & votes. Will you join us today in backing the community plan for insurance rate reform to protect families & small businesses & improve storm preparedness & the energy grid? #PutHousingFirst

Let’s not throw good money after bad. Louisiana has tried giving more funding to the insurance incentive program before & it failed. After more storms, insurance companies are still leaving & charging more. Sign the community pledge & #PutHousingFirst:

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon & the Legislature want to double taxpayer-funded incentives for insurers w/$45 million more. This does nothing to address the underlying causes of the insurance crisis. Support community solutions & #PutHousingFirst:

Support REAL insurance crisis solutions 1) assistance to weatherize homes 2) subsidize insurance premiums to bring rates down 3) reform the Louisiana Citizens Insurance Corporation 4) no bailout for insurers who’ve ripped us off for years  #PutHousingFirst

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Why Is This Important? 

The Insurance Commissioner and Louisiana legislature plan to give insurance companies an additional $45 million in public funding does nothing to address the underlying causes of our energy and  insurance crisis - aging infrastructure and housing stock that can't withstand increasingly frequent and severe storms - and continues to raise our rates.


We need elected leaders who will ignore the corporate lobby and vote for community solutions that bring our insurance and energy rates down permanently by making our communities more storm resilient.  

Help us elect candidates for public office who have committed to:

  1. Provide assistance to weatherize homes and businesses

  2. Subsidize insurance premiums to bring rates down for Louisiana families

  3. Reform the Louisiana Citizens Insurance Corporation

  4. Stop the taxpayer funded bailout for insurance corporations who have ripped off Louisiana consumers for years


If you haven’t signed the Insurance Pledge, don’t wait!

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